Paper Carrier Ropes

Since 1989, MCR has prided itself with the latest technology, in technical textiles allowing our customers to reap the benefit of highly advanced products to optimize their machines running.

MCR’s RnD, is lead by in-house experts who collect, collate data fom all customers in order to create the next Generation of products, to keep up with the ever changing times.

As a part of our company policy, every drum is tested for basic parameters such as elongation, shrinkage and more advanced parameters such life.

Another integral part of our sales network is to advice the cusomter the most optimum ropes for all parts of the machine and how to enhance life, plan for routine change and splicing tutotial on the machine for all operators.

While most of our designs stay the same our technology of coatings differ. We can also offer extra bright colours on demand for superior visibility.

Dryer ropes / Size Press ropes
These rope have a basic wax coating, enabling low yarn to yarn friction and superior lubrication for reducing friction

Our ropes can be supplied -

Without Core

  2. CPT
  3. 104 

With Core

  1. Double Braiding Rope
  2. BOB
  3. HS